MSEP Lights Up Magic Kingdom For The Last Time On Oct. 9

ICYMI: It was announced Wednesday on the Disney Parks Blog that the long-running nighttime parade at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, the Main Street Electrical Parade, will have its final performance on October 9.

Along with this news, it was announced that Disneyland, which is where the parade debuted in 1972, will host the parade once again in 2017 for a limited encore engagement. In addition, Disneyland’s Paint The Night Parade, which was originally scheduled to end following its last performance on September 5, will now glow again during select nights throughout the holiday season.

The Main Street Electrical Parade has a rich history dating back several decades. Though it has been refurbished and revamped many times, it is the longest running parade in Disney Parks history. The parade debuted on June 17, 1972 at Disneyland, where it provided glowing entertainment for guests until November 25, 1996.

During this time, it also ran at Disney’s Magic Kingdom from June 11, 1977 until September 14, 1991- and that was only its first run at the most magical place on earth. It returned to the Magic Kingdom for a second run from May 28, 1999 until April 1, 2001 and it did not return until June 6, 2010 for its third run.

During the parade’s hiatus’, guests may remember the nighttime parade SpectroMagic, which was its replacement. (This parade has since been permanently retired, which means that it will not be replacing MSEP like some fans hoped it would.)

The parade also had a nearly nine year run at Disney’s California Adventure Park, which lasted from July 3, 2001 until April 18, 2010. While at this park, the name of the parade was Disney’s Electrical Parade.

But what does this mean for Disney fans on the East Coast? We are suddenly left without a nighttime parade in Walt Disney World’s most popular park- and there is no replacement as of right now, either.

Personally, I would love to see a version of PTN (since we can’t have the exact one that Disneyland has unless we get it sometime in 2017) come to WDW. Anyone who has seen PTN knows that it is spectacular. It is a modern version of MSEP that is aesthetically and musically pleasing to guests, featuring some of your favorite Disney characters on pretty impressive floats. But if you’re a fan of MSEP, don’t worry- PTN pays homage to the original parade with bits of the MSEP soundtrack weaved through its own.

Magic Kingdom is long overdue for a new nighttime parade. MSEP is, to me, far too outdated, and I think PTN would be an excellent addition to Magic Kingdom. My hope is that we will swap parades next year, and for now we will just have to get our fix of nighttime parades during MNSSHP and MVMCP.

Are you sad to see MSEP go? Do you think it’s time for a change? Sound off in the comments!





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