*Guest Post* Disney Parks: Star Wars Style with Hollywood Lassie

The Star Wars Franchise is flying forward at unimaginable speeds–hyper speed, even. We blink and there’s another movie on the docket, another adorable merch line or a new attraction at a Disney Park. The best part? We all know this Star Wars hype won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

With the addition of Galactic Nights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Day at Sea on Disney Cruise Line, and the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening at both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios next year, we’ve got SO much to geek out over!

The fan fever won’t be dying down anytime soon. But, I for one, am not complaining! Star Wars fever simply gives us all the more reason to make our next trip to the parks feel like an actual adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

My favorite way to do that? Aside from hugging Chewbacca and soaking in Hollywood Studios nighttime extravaganza, there is one, simple, surefire way to make Disney trips more magical:

Star Wars Disneybounding.

As you probably know, Disney Parks don’t allow adults to dress up as classic Disney characters (and understandably so). However, they do allow us to design creative outfits inspired by our favorite heroes, heroines, and villains. Similar color schemes, materials, patterns and jewelry are also acceptable.

So how can we take classic Star Wars looks and incorporate them into our Disney Parks wardrobe?

Star Wars Style: Leia

We must start with the classic Princess. Royalty who slays. The beloved, the fierce, the fave: Princess Leia.

When we break down Leia’s classic style palate, we find:

-A white baby-doll top

-Crisp white leggings (or pants)

-Grey or silver boots

-A thick, high-waisted belt, for some extra kick-butt-princess sass

This simple foundation for inspiration can easily be translated into a dressier outfit, especially since Disney nightlife is so enchanting. If you’re staying in the parks for an extended amount of time, it’s an absolute blast to leave the parks mid-afternoon, relax in the pool, get all dolled up and return for an evening of fireworks and magic. A classic, flirty, white tea-length party dress is a staple item every girl should have in her closet, so investing in a “Leia dress” is totally worth it.

If you prefer to dress it down and keep things casual, you can throw together a Leia outfit with everyday items in your dresser drawers. A cream white top (even a plain v-neck), blue jean shorts, and white or silver Toms, sliders, or flip-flops will do the trick.

If you prefer to keep your outfit on the DL, make sure you play it up with those classic Leia buns! (You couldn’t have possibly thought that I’d forget about those, would you?!)

The internet boasts a plethora of Leia hair tutorials, but if your hair is too short to style (or you’d rather not spend a significant amount of time styling) you can always grab some Disney Leia Ears off Etsy! https://goo.gl/n5yjjz

And, of course,  you’ve always got your classic Disney merchandise. With some simple Leia buns and a statement tee, you’ll be ready for a rockin’ day at the parks. This one is a favorite of mine:

The Sass is Strong With This One https://goo.gl/ehDNcu

Star Wars Style: Han Solo

Han Solo Style gives us so much wiggle room for creating a fun, smart, street chic look. Simply add a snazzy, lightweight black vest or cardigan to your favorite tee and you’re already killing it.

If you’re visiting the parks in the winter, a black leather jacket is always a win. In order to complete the look, you’ll want to pair it with an awesome pair of boots. Remember, you’re going to be trudging around in the parks all day, so you might want to shy away from choosing boots that have a heel. Consider combat boots or another style you know you’ll be 100% comfortable in.

You can also ease into the brown pallet, and explore more earthy tones, thanks to Han’s variety of vest and boot combos.

Star Wars Style: Rey

Did you not TOTALLY geek out over Rey’s costume in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? I sure did–along with the rest of the internet.

There are already dozens of fantastic Rey Disneybound ideas floating around the blogisphere, so I don’t want to recreate what you’ve already seen on Instagram.

My idea for Rey this season is to go a little more subtle and only include whispers of influence from her stellar style. Disney Ears are the perfect way to make a statement and bring the magic of Disneybounding, without going full-fledged Halloween.

Aloha Ears Design is one of my favorite Ear sources. Check out their Stormtrooper, Millennium Falcon, or Dark Side ears. The fun part is they are interchangeable. They can all be mixed and matched, which gives you an opportunity to create a vast array of looks.  https://goo.gl/d9ij2Z

Star Wars Style: Stormtroopers

Ready to channel your inner Dark Side? I love Stormtrooper style because it’s clean, simple, and to the point. Yet, it still harnesses a playful and imaginative vibe.

I propose sporting one of these adorable Stormtrooper tanks. Match it with jean shorts, your favorite comfy shoes, and some Star Wars bling.

Run the Galaxy Tank https://www.shopdisney.com/stormtroopers-run-the-galaxy-tank-top-for-women-star-wars-1465180

Darth Vader Tank


The icing on top of your Star Wars style cake is jewelry, of course. The internet is loaded with options, but I suggest starting with Etsy or the Disney Store. Pinterest is also a great place to get some inspiration. Accessory options are just as wide as the galaxy itself so I hope you have a blast browsing!

Until next time,

Happy Disneybounding and May The Force Be With You!

~Hollywood Lassie

About the Author: Hollywood Lassie is a lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and pop-culture blog. Featuring quizzes, trend-alerts, celebrity interviews, relationship advice, Disney fangirling, and more! Come connect at www.hollywoodlassie.com!

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