Who is The Theme Park Princess?

Four years ago, I decided to combine my love of writing and my love of theme parks to create this blog.

My original goal was to get on the same level as Inside the Magic, Attractions Magazine and Orlando Informer–three theme park websites that I look up to. However, I quickly realized how difficult that would be to achieve if I couldn’t get to the parks fast enough to capture breaking news or couldn’t get access to media events.

Then I got accepted to and completed my first Disney College Program.

Since I didn’t feel quite funny enough to vlog (I honestly CRINGE thinking about how dumb my vlogs would’ve been because my friends and I were unbelievable), I decided to use this space as a way to share my journey and offer advice to those who were considering applying for the program.

The moment I realized that I would never be, and could never be, just another theme park website was when I wrote this post. With over 300,000 views, tens of thousands of shares and countless comments, that post introduced me to an audience I didn’t realize existed and one that I could easily connect to–future, present, and former cast members.

I quickly became a resource for those who were looking to get accepted into the program and a space for former participants to reminisce. I started to write more posts that were geared toward the college program because they were the posts that received the most engagement. I went on to complete a second college program and a professional internship with Disney, allowing me to continue writing content that would speak to my audience.

And now, four years after starting this blog, I’d like to share with you a new mission I have for this space.

I want to continue sharing new and recurring experiences at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. While I may not be the first to report on it, I still want to provide that content because I enjoy it. So don’t worry–my annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and Halloween Horror Nights posts are sticking around.

I also want to continue sharing advice and tips on the Disney College Program because I know so many of you value that information. I know that I would not be where I am today without my two programs and professional internship, and I would love to share any knowledge I have to help someone else’s dreams come true.

But this is where things take a turn.

I want to start sharing your stories. I want to start talking to all of you and sharing the lives of the people who are making magic, or who used to make magic, every day. Whether you are a cast member or a team member, an intern or full-time, your story deserves to be told and I would like to help you tell it.

My goal is to stand out from the other sites–not compete with them. I want to offer differing content that helps to humanize these brands/companies that we’ve come to love. There are faces behind the attractions, restaurants, stores and experiences we have all come to love–and The Theme Park Princess is ready to bring them to light.

If you or anyone you know has a story they’d like to share with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m excited about where this blog is going and I’m excited to bring all of you along for the ride. ❤




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