To My DCP Ohana

To my Disney College Program Family,

We have all gone our separate ways. We have gone back to school; we have extended our programs; we have gone part time at Disney; we have traveled the world and we have found new jobs. Our paths have taken us in directions we didn’t know were possible until they were happening, but something just doesn’t feel right.

And that’s because we aren’t together.

I walk around campus and I feel lonely. I know people, I have friends, I go out…but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I look around at all of these groups of friends and I’m jealous.

I’m jealous because my close group of friends is scattered all around the country and I don’t know when I’ll see them again.

Something magical happens when you do a Disney College Program. You step out of your comfort zone because somehow…you already feel comfortable. You find yourself wanting to meet new people and make new friends because you want more people to share your love of Disney with. You click with so many people in such a short amount of time and you become inseparable.

In my almost five years of college, I have never experienced anything like this. Nothing I have ever been a part of really felt like…a family. And I need to thank each and every one of you for making my home away from home so incredibly special.

I miss that moment we met for the first time.

I miss seeing your faces at work.

I miss driving to work and having dance parties in the car or taking Transtar to work and being scared the whole ride something was going to happen.

I miss bonding in the break room.

I miss taking pictures in our god awful costumes.

I miss group chats.

I miss sleepovers.

I miss inside jokes.

I miss days off spent exploring the parks together.

I miss cheating on Disney and heading to Universal.

I miss lying by the pool and having deep talks about life.

I miss parties and HOB nights.

I miss waiting in 30 minute long lines for Taco Bell after work.

I miss making stupid faces for ride photos.

I miss impromptu photo shoots.

I miss riding Tower of Terror a million times in a row.

I miss having meals together.

I miss graduation day.

I miss being able to text you that I needed you and you showing up at my door five minutes later.

I miss everything.

I miss everything every, single, day.

It doesn’t get easier; when you spend every day with someone for six months of your life, not having them around is hard. It’s painful. But I am thankful that we had six months of experiences together. I am thankful for late nights at iHop, Sunday and Wednesday nights at HOB, mornings spent at Trails End, and countless days spent getting to know and love each other while playing in our magical backyard.

You won’t understand this feeling until you go through it yourself. It can’t be explained, it can’t be faked and it can’t be taken for granted.

I miss and love you all. Thank you for making my program what it was. You have set the bar extremely high for my future friends–let’s pray they like Disney as much we do.

If you’re currently going through your program, cherish these moments you are sharing with your best friends. And if you are long gone from your program, go text your best friends and thank them for being part of your journey, whether it’s been six months or six years.IMG_3313

17 thoughts on “To My DCP Ohana

  1. Connie, we miss you too! The photo of your CP group is still on the bulletin board – no one wants to take it down. It was a great time for the FT and PT cast members too. No one can take your place.

  2. Hang on, need to wipe these tears…

    Don’t worry, Cameron..I will help get you back there. I’ve never seen you so pationate, opinionated “Walt’s way or no way” proud, so aware of the needs of the guests, so patient & attentive as you learn how to live with 6 others princesses, so involved in expanding you 8 year old brother’s imagination. You’ve been to a world where it can all be magical & love. Where creating the future happens by just being present in the moment. You LIVE the impossible ” I’m Possible” every day..manifest your future beyond any of our wildest dreams & I promise I will be first in line to hop on every ride with you…love Mom

  3. Just wanna say thank you for posting this! It’s really great! I’ve done 2 programs and the 1 thing that became consistent was the family aspect! Ohana means a lot to me so thank you

  4. Just an amazing account of your love for Disney and your friends. As tears continue to roll down my eyes, so thrilled that this program brings so much to so many. My daughter loves it. I certain she will feel the same come Jan 2016 and every month after.

    1. Thank you so much. I miss it every day, but I’m so thankful for the experience. I’m glad your daughter has also been able to experience the magic of being part of the Disney family ❤️

  5. Sorry you can delete this. I was thinking that it was someone else who wrote this. Lol someone shared it on fb

    1. It’s okay! I’m just happy it resonated with you and turned your terrible day around. Just remember you always have your Disney family, whether we’ve met or not! I hope the rest of your day gets better and that Tink flies over and sprinkles you with a little bit of pixie dust ❤️

      1. I think it’s a great thing that we have similar experiences! Your post turned my day around! Disney Love and hugs!!!

  6. You and I MUST meet. Everything I read from you make me feel something in my heart. Let’s keep in touch. For real. Disney is amazing and I miss it.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Yes! Whenever you back in the most magical place on earth, let me know. Disney is so special in the way it can bring people who have never met together, and I am grateful for that. We will most definitely keep in touch. 🙂

      1. Its been 14 years since my program… and i am still so in love with my experience there. DAK was my home . Chatham was where i slept. When i wasnt chasing pop stars… at the time alot of them lived in orlando. I met plenty of famous people but the friends i made ther were a million times better. Except maybe for the nite i saw spider man with kirpatrick.. yes that chris.

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